Byron Shaving Company is a purveyor of handmade, original design tools & gear for wet shaving.

Each object is built to last generations, using materials, finishes, and methods of assembly with an eye towards longevity. Each piece possesses the correct weight, balance, and surface finish for its intended purpose.



In his youth, John Leitch carved his first shape from a bar of soap in art class. Early on, he had the mind of an inventor—using what tools he could find to craft simple childhood toys. Years later, as a young father in the suburbs of Chicago, John took his first ceramics class, which opened his eyes to the world of art and altered the course of his life. At the time, the ceramics world was booming with energetic artists and a responsive market. Inspired by this new community of makers, he earned a graduate degree in ceramics and began to experiment with other mediums. He worked with porcelain clay, cast jewelry, and became skilled in lapidary art.

Today, John Leitch is a master. To enter his Tucson, Arizona studio is to witness the precision workmanship he has developed over 30 years as a dedicated craftsman. Against an awe-inspiring mountain backdrop, John makes everything from custom knives and porcelain jewelry boxes, to handmade razors and shaving sets. He is skilled in working with an array of materials—from wood to acrylic to stainless steel—and is particularly adept at aligning form with function, something often missing in today’s busy, mass-produced world.

His most recent product development came after being “less than inspired” by the razors available in stores. John knew he could make a utilitarian, high-quality alternative, and so he set out to design, manufacture, test, and refine his own razor model. To achieve a fully ergonomic product, he carefully considered each design component, including the shape and weight of the handle and how it felt to hold in his hand. What followed was the creation of an original design ensemble, which includes ceramic and metal bowls, razors, and brushes.

One could argue that the ingenuity that John Leitch developed as a young inventor is still at work today, although greatly refined and transformed by years of skill and knowledge. Indeed, that boy has become a celebrated master craftsman, who delights in his work and continues to dream.